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The secret of Deauville, Prima Donna’s star collection

Every 2 minutes, somewhere in the world, someone buys a Prima Donna Deauville bra and here at Affair Lingerie, we do find it to be our best selling collection.

And now we can reveal Deauville’s secrets as to why this is the case.

The shoulder straps on the Deauville are hot melted rather than stitched, because that feels nicer against the skin.

The underwires are covered with three types of material to ensure they never jab into the skin and thanks to a soft layer of velour at the fastening, you barely feel the hooks.

And that’s not all, because in every bra, Prima Donna use three types of thread, each suited to a different way of stitching and no fewer than 32 different stitches are used to ensure sturdy seams between all the various parts of a Deauville bra.

Attention to detail and comfort is the true essence of Prima Donna.

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  1. corsetdome October 28, 2014 at 4:16 pm Reply

    Nice info, it is great to finally know.

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